From the 80s to today, these are the images of a long journey as seen through the lens of a Nikon...  Portfolio images run the gamut from landscapes and nature to sports and concerts.

Although I recently purchased a digital SLR, I miss film.  Difficult to explain to someone outside the medium, but there is something special about holding a piece of film in your hands.

After participating in a documentary filmmaking workshop, I rediscovered my love for the moving image.  Check out the video links below.

Along the way, I traveled the highways and byways of the internet and developed numerous websites for business and non-profit organizations.  Links to current resume and active websites below.

All images copyright © Lorraine M. Pasquali

Video - Short films:

“Where Legends are Made” - 2006

Eclipse - 2010

Grand Canyon Slideshows:

Exploring the Rim - 2010

Bright Angel Trail - 2010

Sunset at Hopi Point - 2010



St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

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